Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hey guys

I went to Double Take Studios in Manchester yesterday, I had bought a makeover and photoshoot there as an early birthday present for my sister.

I bought this from the Buy a Gift website. It was a really fun day and the staff were lovely. I would definitely recommend it.

We each received a mini facial, a hand massage and then got our hair and make up done, we could choose the look we wanted or leave it up to the make up artist. I asked for a pink, purple and black eye look, I fancied something a bit out there!

Then we had some photos taken together (the studios had several set pieces for us to "pose" in front of), and then we each had our own individual photos taken. We were also asked to take three outfits each and had several photos taken in each outfit.

Check out some of the photos I took myself below!

I'm not sure of all the make up they used but I know the lipstick was Myth by Mac and I'm pretty sure the bright pink eyeshadow was from one of the Sleek palettes.

And if you recommended 15 friends, you received some free goodies, see photo below!

Thanks for reading!

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