Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Firstly, aaaaagh! I just practically finished writing this out and then closed down the tab by mistake and lost it all, doh!

So, let me try again!


I just wanted to share my excitement with you all! I've just gone a bit mad shopping online, once I receive the products I will do a little review of them for you but for now I'll go through what I bought!
So as I say there were a few things but the main products I'm excited about are:

NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Milk

I bought this because I've seen it used in quite a few tutorials on You Tube and it looks great. I love the chunky look of the packaging too. From what I've seen of it it looks like a really versatile pure white pencil, great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and using on the lid with other colours too.

Sigma Brushes

These were also a purchase done on the back of watching a lot of You Tube vids. A lot of people have them, mention them and use them in tutorials. I really want to start a good brush collection. At the moment I have one good brush which is by Victoria Jackson and is a short big fluffy brush (sorry, I don't know the name of it - it was a Christmas present from my sister), which is really soft and lovely. The other brushes I've got (which come to a grand total of about 5) are lame, I don't even know the brand. So, now I'm getting more into make up I felt the need to invest in some good brushes! Sigma seemed like a good place to start as they seem to have a good reputation and also appear to be less expensive than MAC or Bobbi Brown.

The brushes I got were;
F70 Concealer Brush (£5.99)
E05 Eye Liner Brush (£5.99)
F30 Large Powder Brush (£10.99)
E55 Eye Shading Brush (£7.99)

I also got some Michael Todd Gel Eye Liner in Black Ebony to try. 

I wanted a black as it's just really versatile, you can wear it dark and dramatic for a night out, or lighter and smudged for a daytime look. I've only ever used pencil liners and have heard good things about gel liner (specifically the Bobbi Brown one but they're a little out of my price range!) This was £9.50.

All the above products were from www.love-makeup.co.uk.

Last and not least is the Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion. This was £11.50 from www.boots.com.

Again, I'm a sucker for a YouTube tutorial with this, and for pretty packaging. I bought a lot of primers in this splurge (face, mascara and eye) which I'll review once I've used them as I think a good base is key to good make-up so I've got high hopes for all of them!

So.... I am now broke but really looking forward to my deliveries!

Please comment if you have tried any of the above products and let me know what you think and I'll come back with reviews soon!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hello and Favourites

Hi Peeps!

So this is my first ever blog, hope you enjoy it!

So today I'm going to go through some of my favourite beauty products of the moment.

The first item is Tesco Sun Protection 15 Medium SPF New Formulation 200ml. 

This is a product which I bought just to use as a basic sun lotion. However I recently ran out of normal body lotion and this is what I used instead. Obviously I'm not using it as a sun block at the moment as summer is definitely over!
I really like this product, often with body lotions I find they are really hard to get out of the bottle (yes I'm talking about you Palmers!). Also, they always seem to take ages to rub in, my arm actually aches sometimes! The Tesco Sun Protection comes out easily and rubs in quickly. 
It also has a gorgeous smell which really reminds of summer holidays, a very summery, nostalgic scent.

Some of the benefits of using this lotion are;
  1. Obviously it protects your skin from the sun, even when it's not hot the suns rays can still damage your skin so this is a big bonus.
  2. It is anti-ageing. It contains green tea and vitamin E to help combat signs of ageing caused by the sun.
Another thing I like about this product is the shape of the bottle! It reminds me of a segment of an orange! Maybe that's just me....

Lastly, and the most important I guess, is it leaves my skin feeling really soft, and not sticky like some lotions. 

This is currently retailing on Tesco.com at £1.00 until 26th September 2010. They only appear to have it in SPF 50 though. 

The second set of products I'm loving are Nivea Visage Refreshing 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner 200ml 

and Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid 100ml.

I bought these as I had run out of my Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion and wanted to try something new.
Both the packaging and the name of the products suggest a fresh light product and that's exactly what they are. I have sensitive skin so I need a product which is gentle as well. These are both really lovely products if you have sensitive or oily skin. I love having a cleanser and toner in one, anything which cuts down on time spent is great. The moisturiser is really light and soaks into the skin really well. They both have a lovely fresh, sweet smell too.

I bought these from Wilkinson's and they were roughly £3.50 each. (Apologies about the lack of accuracy, I can't quite remember and I've thrown away the receipt, oops!)

My next super duper product is Boots Gorgeous Feet Rapid Cracked Heel Repair 100ml. 

(Sorry about the lame tiny picture, my camera is refusing to upload pictures so I had to Google an image instead - you can go the Boots website for a closer look.)
I have had this product for quite a while and only used it occasionally. I think this is because it was winter and therefore my feet weren't on show as much. However, during the summer I have been using this basically every time I have a bath or shower. I use this all over my feet, not just on my heels, and you only need a fairly small amount as it's quite a thick consistency. It has quite a sickly sweet smell which might not be to everyone's taste, but I like it! And as it's only going on your feet so it's not as big a deal as it would be if you were putting it all over your body!

I've practically run out of this product and I will definitely be getting some more in as it really does make a difference to the softness of the skin on my feet, especially my heels. It's currently retailing for £4.99 on the Boots website and they also have an offer at the moment which is buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected foot care products.

My next fave product of the mo is Nails Inc Shoreditch nail varnish.

This is a gorgeous hot pink colour. If you don't like pink this is not the colour for you as it is very pink indeed! I really liked this nail varnish, it was a lovely consistency to apply, and it lasted really well before chipping. I applied it on a Wednesday night and didn't see a chip till Friday, I didn't use a base or top coat and I am typing constantly at work so I think that's pretty good! I really want to buy a lot more of Nail Inc's varnishes, I'm thinking of getting some more nude colours as they're good for work and you can get away with them being a bit chipped as it's not quite as noticeable!

These are currently £10.50 from the Nails Inc website.

Last, but not least, is Johnson's Cotton Buds.

I started using these after watching a video on You Tube by JuicyStar07 called How To: Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day. http://www.youtube.com/user/juicystar07#p/u/3/da0w8mIPO1M

In this video she recommends rubbing a cotton bud along your water line (this is the flap of skin eyeliner is applied to)  before applying eyeliner. I thought this was a really simple, inexpensive trick so bought some! Obviously cotton buds can be used for lots of other things as well which is what's great about them, cheap and versatile! And you can of course get other brands of cotton buds than Johnson's.

I bought these from a local chemists, they are usually £1 - £2, depending on the size of the pot.

So these are my current favourite products! Hope you enjoyed reading and please leave a comment!