Sunday, 16 January 2011

Make Up Removal & Skin Care

S'up! ;)

My make up removal and skin care routine has changed recently and I thought I would share with you what I'm doing and using.

To remove my eye make up I use Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel.

The way I use this is something which I saw Lisa Eldridge do on a You Tube video she uploaded on make up removal. So, I get three cotton pads (at the moment I use Boots ones).

I tear one in half and soak all four parts (two halves and two whole pads) in the gel. I then 'stick' the two halves under each eye, one under each. And then place the whole ones over my (closed) eye. I then press them on, gently, for as long as I want. The longer the better as this means the gel can disintegrate the make up as much as possible. Then I gently slide the cotton pads off, downwards, over my lashes. And, voila! Eye make up off with no rubbing :).

I love this method and adore this gel. It's definitely one of my best finds of 2010. It's cheap, which is always good, very cooling, soothing and refreshing, which is great for eyes which have been looking at a computer screen all day at work, and works really well. I have sensitive eyes and this causes me no problems at all.

I then remove my face make up using Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Wipes (there's a bit of a theme here isn't there).

This is the third product I've tried in this range (I'll get to the second one soon), and I bought it because I loved the other two products. Again, a really inexpensive product. Quite often, because I have sensitive skin, wipes can make me go really red after using them, but this product doesn't at all. They are also nicely moist and soft, which is great for a cheap product, as I've found a big difference in the past with cheap and more expensive face wipes, in that the cheaper ones are often a lot dryer and more rough than the more expensive ones.

These wipes do not take all my make up off though, so I follow with Dr Cole Purifying Facial Toner.

I got this from I also used to have the cleansing lotion, day cream and night cream from this range but I had to chuck them as they made me skin and eyes sting, and the skin around my eyes got really dry and irritated just from the products being near them. I kept this toner because it seemed to be ok, although I have noticed it making my eyes sting a little bit recently so I may have to chuck it after all. I do like it apart from that though, nicely refreshing, and removes the last traces of make up, so it might be fine for less sensitive skin and / or eyes.

Then I go on to moisturise with, yes that's right, Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream.

I really like this moisturiser too, like the whole range, it's very cooling and feels lovely on the skin. I have oily skin and this doesn't make me feel more oily, it soaks into the skin really well so it's fine to use in the morning before applying make up too.

I then use Roc Hydra+ Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream.

I like to use an eye cream as it's good to keep the skin around the eyes moisturised as it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. However, I'm not sure that this is reducing my current dark circles, but then I'm not sure any eye cream can actually do that. Let me know if you've found one that does!

Then lastly I use a spot treatment, Elf's Zit Zapper.

I love this product. It actually does what it says on the tin, unlike other spot treatments I've tried. I've visibly noticed my spots going away much quicker when I use this than if I don't. It's fab and only £1.50 from A definite must have!

So that's it. All in all I would highly recommend the Boots Essential Cucumber range for any skin type, especially good for more sensitive skin. And also I would highly recommend the Elf Zit Zapper to get rid of spots quickly!

What are your favourite skin care products?

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W7 Nail Varnish

Hi Peeps!

So I thought I'd show you some pics and tell you a bit about some W7 nail varnishes I bought recently. I bought these from and they were £3.29 and one was free, I'm not sure if this offer is still on though.

I actually ordered these on November 28th but still hadn't received them last week (w/c 3rd January). So I emailed the company and told them. I had also ordered a Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara 12ml with free Eyeshadow & Lipgloss for £4.99. When I contacted Fragrance Mad they got back to me really quickly and explained that it must have gone missing in the post. They advised that the Bourjois set was now out of stock and they could either refund the whole order or refund the Bourjois set and post out the nail varnishes. I asked for the nail varnishes to still be sent. This happened on Sunday the 9th and I received my order first thing Tuesday the 11th. I was very pleased with their customer service.

So, onto the nail varnishes!

This one is called Gold Dazzle, it's very glittery and not really sparse glitters like some inexpensive glittery polishes can be. I've not tried this one on my nails properly yet.

This one's called Purple Pearl, and as you can see, it's what I've got on my nails at the moment. This is three layers on my nails, so it is more sheer than I expected it to be from looking at it in the bottle.

This last one is called Coral Dream and is my fave, a really Barbie-esque colour, and more of an intense colour than the purple.

All in all I really like these nail varnishes, they go on very nice and smooth, and feel good quality. They last fairly well for an inexpensive polish, but I have found that they flake off a bit after a couple of days, I do have quite flaky nails though so that might just be me.

Have you tried any W7 nail polishes or other products from their range? If so, what did you think?

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My Life in Pummelvision

Hope you enjoy this video of my life in pictures!