Monday, 25 June 2012

How I Mattify My Oily Skin

Hi all!

Today I thought I would address the issue of oily skin and how I try and reduce shine. I've had oily skin ever since being a teenager and I wish I had access to blogs and You Tube back then as I feel like I have learnt so much on how to control the oiliness of my skin. A lot of awkward and self conscious teenage days could have been avoided!

In this post I will cover both some skin care and some makeup items that I really enjoy.

First of all though, some general points.

  • My skin is oily, acne prone and can be sensitive. This post is focusing on combating oiliness but I also get spots regularly (which I know often comes hand in hand with oily skin), have acne scarring, redness and sensitivity so bare that in mind - this links in with the next point!
  • Everybody's skin is different. Even though I have oily skin and you may have oily skin this doesn't mean that what works for me will work for you and vice versa.
  • I always moisturise both morning and night. (I say always, I may skip moisturising at night when I'm drunk knackered). I have heard differing opinions on this and I know some people say if you have oily skin you don't need to moisturise - I disagree. I am firmly in the camp of if I don't moisturise my skin will try and compensate and produce more oil - obviously not what I want! Besides that my skin feels tight if I don't moisturise and my makeup doesn't go on as nicely. 
  • I don't over exfoliate. I tend to exfoliate once a week (twice at most). As mentioned previously my skin can be sensitive so I feel like exfoliating any more than that may aggravate it and also encourage oil production. 
  • Mattifying papers! These are a must for me. I'm currently using the ones by Kleenex but I also like the Beauty Parlour ones (available at Superdrug). I always carry these in my bag and tend to blot on my lunch hour, after work or whenever I feel like I need it!
Let's talk specific products!


Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask

I bought this mask from a local organic shop, but you can also purchase it from for £7.70 and free delivery. If you have a quick search on Google I'm sure there are other places you can find it too. 
I tend to use this once a week but may use it more or less depending on how my skin feels. For example if my skin is breaking out particularly badly I will probably reach for this. This product is specifically for normal and oily skin. I feel like this dries any spots up and makes my skin feel fresh, clean and more firm.

Boots Botanics Mattifying Gel-Cream Shine Away

For some reason I can't find this on the Boots website but I bought this in store recently for £4.99 so check in your local Boots (it came in a box originally so will look a bit different to my picture).
I use this every morning after washing my face. It's a very lightweight moisturiser that prevents my skin from feeling oily but also gives it enough moisture to stop it feeling tight.


Jouer Essentials Matte Touch

I have had this a long time and can't quite remember where I purchased it from. I think it may have been - it costs £20 which may seem like a lot for a 6g product but you only need a small amount and it lasts for ages. It is very hard to describe the texture of this but Cult Beauty's website describes it like a balm which I think is better than anything I could come up with! I apply this to my T-Zone prior to applying any other makeup, you can use this on top of makeup too (I haven't tried that). This is my absolute miracle, go to, holy grail product. If you invest in any product to help combat oiliness then I would highly recommend it be this one. It truly makes a huge difference, it doesn't cake up or look heavy like a powder might as it's completely clear. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin

Set into my skin after a couple of minutes.

I bought this from Superdrug for £7.49 but I'm sure you can find it at lots of other places too. Shop around and see where it's cheapest! This is a fairly new release from Garnier. I also own their original BB cream which isn't specifically for combination to oily skin and I found it to be very much like a tinted moisturiser and far too oily for my skin. This new version is fabulous; it offers great coverage - I would say medium, and lasts well on my skin without looking too matte or cakey. I have been applying this with a stippling brush as I like the coverage that gives. Let me know if you have this how you apply it! In general I try and go for a foundation or base that is specifically for oily skin or is long wearing. I do find it hard to find one that has these qualities but isn't too full coverage or cakey. I have also tried Revlon Colourstay, EsteĆ© Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light but they are a bit too full coverage for me at the moment.

Finally, I always set my makeup with a powder. I cannot get away without using this step no matter what skin care or makeup I use. I haven't found my perfect setting powder yet so would love your recommendations! I carry the 17 Miracle Matte powder in my handbag (and also have used the foundation from this range), but I find the foundation very hard to blend in and the powder looks cakey quite quickly. They do keep my skin matte but I don't like the cakey look they can give. I love the Laura Geller Balance n Brighten foundation (I use this as a setting powder), but not specifically for combating oiliness.

I hope this post was informative. Let me know what your favourite products and tips are for combating oiliness and thanks for reading!